Love Your Animal Cells

Nothing Compares to our Cell Culture Media

We offer a wide selection of media formulations. No matter what animal you are working with – we provide you with the Cell Culture Media you need,

Our list of stocked Cell Culture Media is always growing and including the following formulations along with multiple variations of many of them:

  • Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium

  • Dulbecco’s PBS

  • Glasgow’s MEM

  • Ham’s F-10 Nutrient Mixtures

  • Ham’s F-12 Nutrient Mixtures

  • Iscove’s Modified  DMEM

  • Leibovitz’s L-15

  • MCDB 131

  • Medium 199

  • Trypsin

  • RPMI
  • MEM

  • Balanced Salts
  • Bovine IVF Media

  • McCoy’s 5A Media

  • Insect Culture Media
  • Grace’s

  • IPL-41

  • Schneider’s Dropsophila Medium

  • Shield’s and Sang Insect Medium

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