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Animal Cell Culture Media – We Are Different!

Ok, before we talk about RPMI 1640, let’s get something out of the way immediately!

Caisson Labs is “old school”. And when we say, “old school” we mean INCREDIBLY “old school” in our approach to business.

We still hold to the “old school” idea that if our customers do not succeed, we do not succeed. We know that this concept doesn’t fit into the new business model of profits first…everything else second, but we don’t care.

You know why? We know that our success is directly tied to your success…you our customer.

If you don’t succeed, than neither do we.

We don’t want to have customers, we want to have friends, colleagues, and family, and if you choose Caisson as your Hanks Buffered Salt supplier, you will be treated like our best friend, and our favorite Aunt Matilda.

So, if you choose to buy your RPMI 1640 Cell Culture Media from Caisson, how do we put your first? Let us count just a few of the ways.

Caisson’s manufacturing process is 100% hands-on. We don’t rely upon automation; we actually do the job ourselves. We could make a whole lot more money using automation, but we would lose the incredible control over the quality and integrity of our RPMI 1640 Media and our 1,200 plus Cell Culture Media product line we provide to you.

All components are weighed and processed by hand. For instance, we only use the time proved process of ceramic ball milling for our powdered media to ensure the very finest quality product. With this “old school”, less profitable approach to doing business with ALL of our products, ensures that the Caisson RPMI 1640 you receive are as high quality as if you created them yourself.

We perform multiple-step, in-process testing for not only our RPMI 1640 Cell Culture Media but of ALL our products, both liquid and powdered media. Our Quality Control department performs this testing, and the products do not move forward until they release it.

We only purchase raw materials that meet or exceed the highest standards for ALL of our high quality products. The quality of ALL our products come far in front of the issues of cost of the product. We will NEVER sacrifice the quality of the raw materials we purchase that go into our products we provide to you to make a few pennies more profit! NEVER!

And even though we ONLY purchase the highest quality raw materials we use in our products that we manufacture, nevertheless, we thoroughly test and inspect any and all purchased raw materials BEFORE they are even allowed into inventory.

Simply put, nothing ever leaves our facilities without our knowing its right. If it’s not good enough for our friends and Aunt Matilda, then it is not good enough to ship to our customers.

Ok, so right now you are probably thinking, “Caisson Labs is setting me up for the highest priced RPMI 1640 Cell Culture Media in the marketplace”! Nope, if that is what you are thinking then you are simply wrong. We produce and manufacture ALL of our extremely high quality products at a very reasonable price that is usually a price point lower than our competitors!

Also, we are very environmentally friendly down to the point that in the Rainbow Trout serum we provide we have a person that catches the trout, takes a small amount of blood from the fish and then releases it back into the wild. We do this with the horse serum we collect as well, but the horse are obviously not released back into the wild.

But regardless, if you are purchasing RPMI 1640 Cell Culture Media on one of our other thousands of products that we produce, please do not forget that we will unconditionally, unequivocally NEVER sacrifice the quality of our Caisson products and we will ALWAYS put you, our customers FIRST.

So, what do you say then? Why don’t you allow us to provide you with some Hank Buffered Salts or one of our other high quality, reasonably price products today? Contact us today and one of our customer service specialists will glad to help you!

Kindly reach out to us and let us send you a FREE Sample of our best RPMI 1640 or some other Cell Culture Media you need and want to test.

We’ll send you a FREE Sample because we know that once you try it, you will want to buy it!

And ultimately become a member of the Caisson Labs Family!

Love Your Animal Cells.

Whatever you’re researching in your laboratory, we have it for you – try it before you buy it! We’ll send you a FREE Sample of the formula you need, and we’ll prove to you, that we are better than the rest of the Cell Culture Media in the market.

Nothing compares to our Cell Culture Media!

Cell Culture Media

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the most competitive Cell Culture Media for your research. Every batch is rigorously screened and tested before being shipped to you. That is how much we love our animal cells – your success is our success!

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a long-term relationship with ALL our customers, and for this reason we ensure to manufacture for you the best Cell Culture Media – the top high-grade culture media products for research.

Our Promise

We are able to keep our promise because of our great manufacturing plant – a NQA ISO 13458 Quality Management for Medical Devices and an ANAB Accredited ISO/IEC 17021 laboratory. This allows us to produce Cell Culture Media in a humidity and temperature-controlled formulation with consistency.


We demand that all our customers received the highest quality Cell Culture Media. Because if our customers don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. We know how important your research is, for this reason we put all of the Cell Culture Media manufactured in our facility for a vast range of applications – we also will custom manufacture your very own formula you need for your specific application.

Preventive Health Service for Heart, Cancer, Drug Interaction Everyone is different

We very much appreciate what Caisson Labs has done for us over the years by offering great Cell Culture Media for our products, and we look forward to many more to come.

Phillip Paul

Thank you very much for your continued support for Amyjet. As a long-term supplier of Amyjet, we want tell you that everyone in Amyjet cares very much about Caisson Labs and your effots are very much appreciated – looking forward to our further cooperation in 2021.

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